Jan Krause (35)
from Berlin,

Head of Software Development

Welcome! I am designing and developing software for now over 20 years. tazrec.de is my "new" blog about working on the intersection of teams, software and products enhancements.

With the days I've worked on hundreds of online portfolios for medium-sized enterprises, agencies, bands, doctors and personal brands. Created and improved custom CMS, ERM-Systems, Data-Warehouses and online applications for b2b and b2c.

I've the privilege of influencing products used by billions. These include MyHammer, glispa, Miet24, Toys"R"Us and many more.

My focuse is on NodeJS, JavaScript (Angular), CSS (Scss), MySql, PHP, Apache, Linux. But i've done alot of things in divers langueages based on the tasks. No matter which language, library or framework it's always a pleasure and curse.

I like to spend my private time also with bonsais and developing smart home.
New to the 3D printing scene.
Back in the days I used to played Djembé, barrels, piano and guitar. Loved to design and paint things with photoshop. But they do not allow me to do so anymore.

Enough of me. Have a great day 😘 and
I'd be happy to see you in my network on Xing or linkedin.

Btw, this is our cat